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With the 4th of July just around the corner and since this would be published after the 4th if I didn’t send it this week, I am writing my column this week on “America.” I think many … more
What God put me here to do
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Teaching is one of the strangest, most wonderful professions ever. Our job is to take something that we have and give it to others. When we are done, not only will we still have what we gave away, … more
One piece at a time
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Like most writers, I have a factory-installed radar detector for incoming words, phrases, bits of conversation, etc. that I contemplate … and sometimes use in my scribblings. Here’s one from last … more
Federal Reserve carburetor
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"Now we listen to it idle." My dad worked on small engines as a side job when I was a kid. I remember watching him adjust a cantankerous carburetor and then stepping back to watch it. I asked him … more
Formatted to read
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We all have our favorite way to read. I’m not talking about sitting in a favorite deck chair or seated next to the dog on a comfy couch or propped up in bed. I’m taking about the format you … more
The need for planning
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It is evident that Pittsburg is growing, and it is objectively a good thing — there are plenty of jobs, more amenities, and increased community wealth. But with that growth come the issues that these improvements bring. more
By choice
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I told my Paraguayan Elementary Statistics Class my Russian snake vodka story. While it has nothing to do with statistics, every once in a while it is good to let the young people know you weren’t always the old boring thing that you are now. more
Father knows best
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“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” — Frederick Douglas more
The Crawford County Commission has voted to rescind their approval of the Western Alignment around Pittsburg citing more public support for improvements to the existing bypass. What improvements?? more
Ambush market
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My dog thinks a 100-foot section of our morning walk is Ambush Canyon. Two unleashed dogs ran at her barking and scared her a few weeks ago. Now she gives that house the side-eye every time we walk … more
When attempting to cultivate growth in a region like Southeast Kansas, the deck is not stacked in our favor. The size of our market, the available workforce, our demographics and other factors place us in a comparatively weak competitive position as a business site. more
May I have this dance?
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“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” — Martha Graham A week after coming out of Covid quarantine, not only did my energy return, I nearly danced myself off the planet. … more
Of time machines and airplanes
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I am in Paraguay teaching Elementary Statistics. Hop into a time machine and go back almost 40 years. It would be 1984 or 1985.   My father was still alive. He only had a couple of years … more
The New to Use Shop sells re-purposed books, toys, household items, garage tools, and furniture. The materials dropped off at the tunnel are sorted, placed in gaylords/cardboard boxes, baled, and later shipped. more
When is enough going to be enough?
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When is enough going to be enough? When will state and federal legislatures decide that the lives of its citizens, including innocent children, are more important than an amendment ratified way back in 1791? more
College classes and creative bartending
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This excerpt from the autobiography of former Arma native Frank Jeler Jr., tells of his return to college at KSTC and some creative bartending at the Country Club. —  J.T.K . In … more
Center stage
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What’s your special talent? Perhaps it’s playing the harmonica or ukulele or both. Maybe it’s a knack for telling humorous stories, or you spend your weekends practicing Renaissance madrigals on your recorder. I have no doubt many of you have special gifts that you tend to hide under a bushel or else share with only a few friends. more
100 market days
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On the first snap in the first practice, our scrawny 10-year-old sacked the coach's quarterback son. The coach chewed out the OL. On the second snap, our son sacks the coach's son again. This time the coach chews out his son and says he needs to get rid of the football sooner. Our son wanted to play wide receiver, but the coaches put their sons in the premier positions, but our boy was starting the year out strong, just like stocks this year. more
How economic development works
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Pittsburg has grown over the last eight years, both in population and in economic activity. More than $600 million dollars has been spent on industry, infrastructure, medical, housing, entertainment, retail, and education – with about 93 percent coming from private investment. How does this kind of growth come about? more
Brass rubbings
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Back in the mid 1980s, I was secretary of the National Association of Extension Home Economists. Our president, June Taylor was from North Carolina. When her presidential term was up, she … more
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