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Stacker compiled a list of 20 iconic rock songs written on the spot, consulting historical records, music charts, and magazine interviews. more
(BPT) - On Mother’s Day, we celebrate moms across the U.S., and their journey to and through motherhood that can be beautiful, messy, and sometimes overwhelming. From gathering information … more
Revelo used Bureau of Labor Statistics data to identify projected growth in 10 jobs that are expected to be affected by AI. more
(BPT) - Spring has sprung and not a moment too soon! With schedules filling up and summer around the corner, now is a great time to get planning and make more time for family fun.We’re all … more
(Family Features) Most Americans consider high-speed internet an essential household service. Yet in rural America, an estimated 25% of the population doesn't have access to broadband. more
(BPT) - Una visión sana nos permite ver las maravillas del mundo, algo que hacen posible las retinas saludables. Cuando la enfermedad de la retina ataca, y a una visión clara del mundo … more
(BPT) - From adding a touch of dimension on ceilings to making a bold statement on accent walls, texture is playing a larger role in home décor. The use of visual texture can help elevate a … more
(BPT) - Buying a home may not be the wisest idea in today's housing market. If you bought or refinanced your home in early 2022, you likely were able to take advantage of a low interest rate and … more
(BPT) - Time is money, and there’s a premium: Americans say their time is worth $240 per hour, on average, according to new research from Empower, a financial services company. Based on a … more
(BPT) - Healthy, natural turfgrass is more than just a pleasing addition to your yard and home’s curb appeal. Natural turfgrass is among the most resilient plant materials and provides many … more
(BPT) - The world is always changing — for better or for worse — but the last few years have transformed society rapidly. Handling these changes in current responsibilities can be … more
(BPT) - Have you experienced or known someone who has experienced a mental health or substance use challenge? Mental health conditions are common, manageable and treatable — and more likely … more
(BPT) - May is Asthma Awareness Month, an annual effort aimed at improving the lives of people with asthma and educating the broader community about it. It is also a time when people with asthma can … more
(Family Features) An estimated 60% of the global population wash clothes by hand and the burden falls mostly on women and girls, which means spending up to 20 hours each week doing laundry instead of going to work or school. more
(NewsUSA) - APRIL 2024 Backyard adventures await! As spring unfolds, parents seek the perfect outdoor swing set—a beacon of fun and a fortress of safety. The challenge lies in finding a backyard … more
(NewsUSA) - Want to learn more about the latest innovations in artificial intelligence?Don’t miss the first-ever AI Expo for National Competitiveness, which takes place on May 7-8, 2024, in … more
Spokeo surveyed 1,158 Americans in October 2023 about topics relating to relationships and infidelity. more
TeacherCertification.com reviews numerous educational leadership reports to focus on the need for effective principals at schools throughout the U.S. more
TeacherCertification.com reviews numerous educational leadership reports to focus on the need for effective principals at schools throughout the U.S. more
Lyft partnered with tech companies to offer needed services to refugees. more
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