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FVF Law Firm examined data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics's 2022 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries to identify the 10 occupations with the highest rates of fatal injury. more
(BPT) - Sponsored by SanofiFor many people, young adulthood is a time filled with newfound independence and responsibility. Reality begins to set in, with “adulting” tasks becoming part … more
Does the upcoming solar eclipse signal the second coming of Jesus? In all likelihood, no, but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating that it does. … more
Country musician Linda Martell at her home in South Carolina in 2021. Sean Rayford/Getty Images One of the most impressive parts of Beyoncé’s new album, “ Cowboy Carter ,” is her roster of … more
Some college students have gambled away their financial aid. PRUDENCIOALVAREZ via Getty Images Whenever March Madness takes place, it’s a sure bet that people will be wagering on the college … more
Wealth Enhancement Group discusses the seven things your tax preparer may not want you to know. more
The Conversation’s senior politics and democracy editor, Naomi Schalit, spoke with Captain Allan Post, a veteran ship’s officer, about the role a ship pilot plays in bringing a large ship in and out of a harbor. … more
Some cancer patients receive additional treatment after surgery with the goal of eliminating any remaining tumor cells. BSIP/Collection Mix: Subjects via Getty Images When Kate Middleton, the … more
Guava Health outlines five unconventional health trends that have gone viral thanks to TikTok. more
When employees don’t have control over their work schedules, it’s not just morale that suffers – mental health takes a hit too. That’s what my colleagues and I discovered in a study recently published in the medical journal JAMA Network Open. … more
There has been an outpouring of grief in New York City ever since the beloved Eurasian eagle-owl Flaco died on Feb. 23, 2024, after striking a building. … more
hampr reviews the top 10 most common laundry mistakes and how to avoid them. more
When chef Gordon Ramsay appeared on an episode of the YouTube series “Last Meal” in January 2024, he described U.S. culinary schools as “depressing” places that “sandbag” students with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt before releasing them into a low-wage industry. … more
COVID-19 taught most people that the line between tolerable and toxic stress – defined as persistent demands that lead to disease – varies widely. But some people will age faster and die younger from toxic stressors than others. … more
(BPT) - Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are not solely reserved for seasoned professionals. With preparation, a few handy tips and tricks, and high-quality protective gear, anyone can tackle home … more
(BPT) - You don't have to look too far to see the proliferation of positivity campaigns in our society today. Diversity and inclusion, coupled with the message of "you're perfect just as you are," … more
(NewsUSA) - Spring is here, with milder weather, more hours of daylight, and many opportunities to gather with family and friends. Spring is the perfect time to savor life’s sweetness — not … more
With tax season now upon us, Money outlines the key deadlines and details you need to know in order to file correctly and on time. more
Way.com helps dog owners understand when it's legal to leave their furry friends in cars unattended. more
(BPT) - As COVID-19 continues to circulate in our communities, it has become apparent that the virus is here to stay, and that getting infected is possible year-round.Staying up to date with your … more
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