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The Cold War comes to Pittsburg, Pt. 2
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This column continues the story, by former Pittsburg resident, Jim Gore, about the Cold War arriving at 1805 South Broadway, in Pittsburg. — J.T.K. Driving home from the missile base site for … more
The deadly game of duck and cover
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Although I believe that football is America’s most inclusive religion, I’ve come to consider that it’s soon to be overtaken by gun worship. more
The Cold War comes to Pittsburg, Pt. 1
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What follows is the first of two parts of a story by former Pittsburg resident, Jim Gore, about the Cold War arriving at 1805 South Broadway, in Pittsburg. — J.T.K. more
Reading up a storm
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I’m a weather junkie. More often than not, I’m checking out the Weather Channel to see if there’s any precipitation coming this way and if the temperature is above freezing — important if you plan to walk before the sun comes up — or to see what the forecast is for the rest of the week, knowing full well it can change at any moment. Nature is fickle and fascinating and deserves our respect. Storms are fascinating to watch on screen, less so in person. I’ve not seen a tornado in person, nor do I care to, and I watch in awe at the destruction they can wreak. more
If you've got the time, I've got the cliche
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When I was a kid, growing up outside Richmond, Virginia, I looked forward to the rare occasions when we got to go downtown. Richmond is a historic place - and the Virginia Capitol is a wonder to behold (particularly when you're a tween-ager fascinated by all things Civil War). more
The Fed’s two hats
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"Your state trooper dad wrote you a ticket?" A girl I knew in high school caused a wreck in front of her house. Her dad ran out of the house to make sure she was OK. Once he knew she was unhurt, he walked back into the house and got his ticket book. It was a difficult day to wear two hats; he was a Dad and a State Trooper. Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve is struggling to wear two hats as well. more
Shaving in full circle
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A few years ago, I started shaving with oil instead of shaving cream. I liked the simplicity: You didn’t have to wipe it off afterwards. I liked the smell: cloves. more
Treasure's the attic
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Even though it doesn’t feel like it, according to the calendar, Spring has officially arrived. Often, thoughts turn to “spring cleaning” when spring arrives and from the amount of items coming into the thrift stores, it is apparent that the annual spring cleaning ritual has begun. more
Looking deeper into the obvious
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I’m writing this on the 82nd birthday of poet Billy Collins, former U.S. poet laureate who’s been called the most popular poet in America. more
This is the second excerpt from Arma native Frank Jeler Jr.’s memories of fishing in S.E. Kansas. — J.T.K more
Spring into a new book
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As an elementary school student, I remember learning the Spring, or Vernal, equinox fell on March 21st each year. Apparently, that’s not always the case and now there’s also meteorological Spring that begins on March 1st. And then there’s the Groundhog who supposedly predicts when Spring will arrive. Whenever it comes, Spring is a welcome season and while it hasn’t felt much like it outside the past week, the library is sporting some seasonal décor not to mention new books on the shelves so come in to get your Spring vibe. There’s nothing like a good read while you wait for a Spring-like day so you can get started on your outdoor chores. more
Bank troubles
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It shot out from the left side of the road and hit me before I could even hit my brakes. I was driving one night years ago on a two-lane road when a whitetail deer jumped a fence out of nowhere and hit me broadside. I almost wrecked, not because of the collision but because it scared me so much. The suddenness of it reminds me of the bank failures in the past few days. They came out of nowhere and broadsided us. more
History of Hook Lighthouse
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I hope everyone had a good St. Patrick’s weekend, although it was more than a little chilly. Checking the weather in Ireland where our friends live, I found their temperatures this week are just about the same as ours. I promised that this week I would follow up what I started last week with a story and information about the Historic Hook Lighthouse in Ireland. more
The case for standard time
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By the time this reaches the newspaper, we will have endured yet another brutal time change. I hate the time change. I hate almost all change, but let’s not digress. Many would agree with me on hating the time change and say that we should stay with daylight saving time year round. more
In defense of ‘WOKE’
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A cartoon appeared in your paper of a wolf chasing a child near a school. The cartoon used the word, “Woke.” The imagery suggested something sinister. more
Stop dividing us
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The opinion column by Betsy McCaughey in the Mar. 16 edition entitled ‘Biden’s Banking Bust,’ is yet another example of the Sun giving a megaphone to the most divisive of voices, a disturbing trend that is becoming the norm. more
The value of doubt
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“I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I've been knocking from the inside.” — Rumi more
Dear Editor: I have read a couple of letters written to you and published in your paper this week that allude to some level of dissatisfaction with your choices of articles appearing on the editorial page. more
Keep it up
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I am amused at the letters of late condemning your paper for it’s leaning to the right. They were happy when the old morning sun was directed from New York and CNN. It was so far left you had to use your left hand to turn the pages. more
'I cannot allow such TRASH to enter my home'
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Although I have been a subscriber of the Morning Sun for over 50 years, with the TOTAL conversion to right wing political views on the “Perspectives” page, I am cancelling my subscription effective at the end of the month. more
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