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Androcles, the lion, and the jackasses
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Back in the day when I got a splinter in my foot Mother Helen or Grandma Mary were the go-to removers. If it couldn’t be pushed out with a good hard squeeze on both sides (like a pimple) … more
A Fresh Start for Your Finances
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The first day back to work in January, I thought my wife had shrunk my dry-clean-only pants in the dryer. She hadn't; I guess I had too many peanut butter balls between Christmas and New Year's Day. … more
The NFL doesn’t care about you
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I had a couple of days of low anxiety and nights of deep, relaxing sleep — in good measure because of getting things off my chest in last week’s rant.   Then, on Monday, I heard … more
Curmudgeon Rant
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The older I get the more I’m aware of the need to take life’s aggravations in stride, but I’ve also learned that a good diatribe is necessary from time to time to clean out the … more
In the details
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Have you seen the meme of the Venn Diagram with the three overlapping circles? There are a number of variations of it. In one the three circles are labeled respectively “Bank Robbers,” … more
New Year's Resolutions?
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It is apparently a very American idea to start the New Year with a resolution or two. According to Forbes Health, which conducted a survey about the attitudes of New Year's Resolutions, only 12% of … more
Social Media and Intentionality
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Do you ever feel like you are addicted to your Tik Tok feed? Do you ignore your cat or dog so much that they sweetly put their paws on your phone screen to get you off of it? This happened to me … more
Time to call Paul
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”If I had my life to live over again,  I’d be a plumber .” — Albert Einstein Because plumbers have exceptional wisdom and abilities which raise them above the level … more
Ring a Bell; Be awake
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It is easy to get caught up in the big problems of the world and to be overwhelmed by it. I’ve been reading a book entitled “To Govern the Globe,” by Alfred W. McCoy, who is a … more
Pittsburg is Authentic
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Merriam-Webster’s word of the year for 2023 is “authentic.” Apparently, the word had a substantial increase in searches this year. It has a number of meanings including “not … more
Circling the horizon
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Choose the least important day in your life. It will be important enough. — Thornton Wilder, “Our Town” I ran out of Pallucca’s sausage last week, so I drove my … more
The Little Match Girl
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It’s getting colder, as is normal for this time of year.  We are going into the holiday season: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years to mention the ones most of us pay attention to. Some of … more
We Owe Britney Spears an Apology 
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I finished Britney Spears memoir this week “The Woman in Me.” It was an unflinching look at her life of religious trauma, generational trauma, and misogyny. I had to read it in chunks … more
The Coming of Darkness
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I struggle with the coming darkness. Intellectually, I know it is a cycle.  We are on a speck of dust that goes in a circle around a point of light in an unbelievably vast cosmos that is … more
Off the beaten track
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As Linda’s iPhone was over the hill (and a couple miles down the road), we decided to head to the Apple Store last Friday to get a new one. I called Arlo’s favorite uncle, Gary, to see if … more
Local newspaper coverage is solid journalism
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This letter has three basic purposes:   First of all, I hope I properly extend a formal “thank you” for all of the organizations that are actively involved in reviewing the … more
Gov't Shutdown Impact on Stocks
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"The gas pumps are turned off." A few weeks ago, my son and I tried to get gas for our bassboat from the local marina. Usually, the pumps are on during fishing season early in the morning with a … more
As a regular reader of the Morning Sun, I am deeply grateful that our hometown paper has a high caliber journalist in the person of Dustin Strong. In case you didn’t catch two of his recent … more
Akitas: Life Long Friends
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Writer's Note. This is the second story in a two part series about my husband, Dustin Strong, and our dogs. My husband and I have had Akitas since we have been married in 1998. My husband has … more
Waiting Out the Fed's Forecast
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“Is this going to blow through or set in?” It was Labor Day, and we were on the lake a long way from our dock when storm clouds surprisingly popped up. It’s easy to get surprised by … more
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