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Scent-sational Ideas

Top Tips for Signature Scents and Better-Smelling Laundry


(NAPSI)—You should have a signature scent. Whether fruity or floral, herbal or homey, there’s something about carrying that fragrance with you that makes you feel put-together 24/7. 

Seeking Your Signature

Here are hints on how:

1. Understand your own personal style: Your scent tells your story. Are you bouncy? Sophisticated? Woodsy? Fragrances can be dark, bright, fruity or aquatic, youthful, sophisticated, masculine or feminine. Think about your favorite fashions: Do you prefer flowered dresses? Torn jeans? Tweed jackets? Colorful silks or white lace? 

2. Understand your body chemistry. The same scent will smell different on different people, depending on the acidity in their skin among other things. Try on different types of perfume and wait a couple of hours before making decisions.  

3. Understand your clothes. The scent of fresh, clean laundry is an all-time favorite for a reason—so it’s important to choose products that provide long-lasting scents to keep your confidence high even days after washing.

Finding the right fragrance for your family, however, can be much more complicated when your laundry products all have clashing scents—but don’t fret, it is possible to find an entire line that keeps its scents consistent. When you’ve got a complete portfolio of products with the same scent, they are made to work together so that aroma you love sticks around without being overbearing. 

Those who like to keep their laundry day routine simple can start with Ensueño Liquid Laundry Detergent and Ensueño Fabric Softener. With four invigorating aromas—Spring Fresh, Violet Bouquet, Floral and Tropical Blossom—you’re bound to find something that makes your nose happy. 

When you’re ready to level up your laundry game, you can keep the good smells going with Ensueño Dryer Sheets and, for those tough, abrasive odors some clothes just can’t seem to shake, add some Ensueño Scent Booster Beads. Plus, all of those products come in those same two scents to make your life even easier.

Washing machine smelling a bit funky? Be sure you’re cleaning and rinsing it thoroughly according to the guidelines in your owner’s manual—you’d be surprised how quickly washing machine odors can spread to clothes—and don’t forget to schedule regular maintenance as well.

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For more tips to ensure better-smelling laundry, visit https://ensueno.us.

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