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James Harryman


James Dale (Rock) Harryman

11/21/1952 - 5/4/2024

Born in the old Mt. Carmel Hospital to Brodie and Mary (Seville) Harryman, Jim was a lifelong resident of Crawford County. His mother was raised in Alberta, Canada while his father's family roots can be found in the hills of Missouri, Lebanon, to be exact.

A 1970 graduate of Girard High School, he often told stories of 'raising hell' with his buddies, driving old cars, and having fun. He enjoyed getting riled up about a variety of subjects: history, politics, social problems, but mostly local injustices. An avid reader, he did a stint at PSU in the mid-eighties majoring in Geography.

His 1972 legal union with Becky Nepote yielded two highly intelligent and attractive daughters, Sally and Jamie Harryman of Pittsburg. The marriage dissolved in 2003. Jim was the grandfather of Grady and Gauge Garner and is survived by a brother, Donald Ray Harryman of Girard. Most of his family is scattered around the Arma area. You know who you are.

Learning from his father Brodie, who was a skilled carpenter, building dozens of homes in and around Girard, Jim spent most of his life building, too. He was an integral part of Classic Catering and in his later years he maintained a metal salvage ring around Crawford County. He and his Vizsla hound, Bella, were often seen riding in his Ford truck piled high with scrap while he hollered obscenities at cars blocking traffic, which usually got them out of his way.

Rock lived the way he wanted to, with strong opinions, unafraid to say what needed to be said. As a democrat he named his Siamese cat Bill Clinton which will remain a pleasant reminder of his hard-headed ways. AA played a huge role in keeping him grounded for many years, as did his friends and neighbors. Loose cigarette sales in Mulberry will never be the same.

In honor of his wishes and the vaguely confusing Kansas dead body law, his remains are the property of a funeral home in Columbus. He purchased a plot at Rosebank Cemetery, but his heirs have a lot of memories (and metal) to liquidate before he gets there.

Services are pending at this time; however, any very much appreciated sympathies and/or contributions to his final resting fund can be mailed to: The Harrymans, 206 West 8th, Pittsburg, KS, 66762.

P.S. Mr. Harryman was at home when he laid down his working tools due to a heart attack. God bless.