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Are you a mosquito magnet? Here are 4 reasons why and how to protect yourself


(BPT) - There's nothing quite like the lure of the outdoors when the sun is shining, temperatures are heating up and the world is in bloom. Unfortunately, while you and your family are enjoying all that the warmer months have to offer, mosquitoes are too.

To help improve your experience as you spend more time outdoors this season, TruGreen, the nation's leading lawn care treatment provider, shares four reasons you may be attracting mosquitoes without even knowing it — and preventive measures you can take to help keep them at bay.

1. Donning flowery perfume

Before you opt for floral scents throughout the summer months, consider that you may be unintentionally enticing mosquitoes. The reaction from the floral scent on your skin’s surface attracts mosquitoes.

Before heading outside, you may want to avoid floral perfumes, lotions and sunscreens — or think twice before going outside soon after applying.

2. Enjoying a cold brew

While many people like to drink beer at friends and family outdoor gatherings, beer — or any alcohol — expands your capillaries which sends more blood to your skin's surface. As a result, your body temperature increases, making you produce more sweat and carbon dioxide — a perfect concoction to intrigue mosquitoes.

The best advice? Save IPAs for your indoor gatherings and choose non-alcoholic, sugar-free beverages while you're having fun in the sun.

3. Attractive — but stagnant — bodies of water

Decor such as bird baths, flower pots, or ponds can provide great flora and fauna for your outdoor space, but be aware that stagnant bodies of water are a mosquito-favorite breeding ground. Any kind of outdoor decor or container holding water is an appealing place for mosquitoes to meet, mate and lay eggs.

To help prevent mosquitoes from intruding on your outdoor get-togethers, scout your property frequently to empty and dry standing bodies of water.

4. Wearing dark-colored and tight clothing

Mosquitoes have limited eyesight (their sense of smell is much better!), but their small eyes can easily see bold, dark colors including navy blue, black, gray and red. They can also bite through clothes, which gets right to your skin when wearing form-fitting clothing.

You can make yourself less of a target by opting for loose-fitting clothing with paler colors that are less likely to get their attention — like white or yellow. Best yet, wearing lighter, looser clothing can also help you feel cooler when the temps heat up.

"We can all agree that the presence of mosquitoes is less than thrilling," said Dr. Roger May, TruGreen’s director of technical operations. "If mosquitoes continue to be a problem in homeowners' backyards, I recommend they consider TruGreen's Mosquito Defense treatment, which can help target these pests and create a more comfortable outdoor environment to enjoy all season long!"