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SafeDefend® and CAPSOL® have joined forces to deliver the most effective Active Shooter Notification System available


KANSAS CITY, Kan., May 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- CAPSOL's mass notification system and SafeDefend's crisis management system will allow for the most robust and effective crisis solution available.

In the event of an Active Shooter situation, timely and clear activation is crucial.

"The Clock Starts When an Attack Begins."

A false alarm triggering an active shooter response system can lead to significant problems and risks. The resulting stress and confusion among students or building occupants can increase the likelihood of injury. Moreover, mobilizing first responders for a false alarm escalates the risk for everyone involved.

Continued false alarms can render a system ineffective and lead to diminished responsiveness. Recognizing these challenges, Jeff Green developed SafeDefend® to provide a reliable response only when a genuine activation occurs.

"The use of lanyards or cell devices for Active Shooter activation are susceptible to false alarms and have many failure points. SafeDefend® eliminates that possibility with positive activation and notification," Jeff stated. "SafeDefend is the only solution that helps staff navigate and survive the critical time gap from when a crisis starts until help can arrive."

Based in Olathe, Kansas, SafeDefend® stands out as the market's premier Active Shooter activation system. Its patent-pending biometric device ensures that only authorized users can activate the system, thereby eliminating false alarms.

Teaming up with CAPSOL®, also based in Olathe, expands the notification options significantly. With a decade of experience, CAPSOL® offers a range of notification methods, allowing end-users to customize their solution according to their requirements.

CAPSOL® provides various activation and notification options, including text-to-speech audio messaging, outdoor giant voice speaker arrays with Hyperspike®, computer desktop pop-ups, messaging on UL Listed text displays, and Instant Mobile Alerting™, a patented non-subscription mobile app that doesn't require personal information or database management for installation or use.

"The power of the CAPSOL® solution helps create a system and provides peace of mind for the owner," said Steve Birdsall, CAPSOL® CEO. "No one wants to believe it could happen to them, but if it does, having a positive system activation and notification system is critical."

This collaboration represents a significant advancement for schools and businesses seeking an active shooter activation and notification system. A fully integrated and interoperable system is another crucial step in addressing the active shooter threat prevalent today.

Contact: Steve Birdsall, 913-203-1110, [email protected]

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