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Netrality Data Centers' New Facility Creates Magnet for Economic Development


Opening KC2 data center in Shawnee strengthens region's national standing as a tech hub

SHAWNEE, Kan., May 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Netrality Data Centers, the nation's largest, privately held owner and operator of core interconnection facilities, celebrated the opening of its latest data center facility, KC2-7801 Nieman in Shawnee, Kansas. This state-of-the-art facility is designed to serve as a hub for progressive innovation and support regional economic development by providing the critical digital infrastructure needed to drive digital transformation and business growth throughout the Midwest.

"The presence of a cutting-edge facility like KC2-7801 Nieman makes the Kansas City Metro region more attractive to tech giants, startups, and everything in between, promising a vibrant future for the local economy," said Gerald M. Marshall, President and Chief Executive Officer at Netrality. "By attracting businesses that require robust, reliable, and scalable IT infrastructure, we're fostering a climate ripe for technological innovation and a foundation for businesses to compete in today's digital economy."

KC2-7801 Nieman provides access to an unparalleled connectivity ecosystem, and high-density compute capability ideal for edge and wholesale deployments. The new data center is directly linked via dark fiber to Netrality's core interconnection facility, 1102 Grand in Kansas City, MO. This connection provides regional businesses with extensive interconnection options and purpose-built, sustainably designed infrastructure tailored to meet modern demands.

Key Features of the KC2-7801 Nieman Data Center:

  • Strategic Connectivity: The sub-one-millisecond round trip latency for active-active replication between 1102 Grand and KC2-7801 Nieman ensures rapid and secure data transfer, effectively supporting complex and distributed operations.
  • High Density Capability: The modern facility is engineered to cater to the increasing demand for high-density and high-efficiency data processing and storage solutions. It features award-winning Delta Cube (Delta3) Arrays, an air-based cooling system that optimizes efficiency across various power densities and significantly lowers energy consumption with its innovative, waterless design.
  • Power Availability and Reliability: The data center ensures consistent power availability and reliability. Spanning three acres, the facility currently supports 5 MW of critical capacity, with future expansion up to 12MW. KC2-7801 Nieman is equipped with three diverse points of entry (POEs), four data halls, N+1 redundancy in backup power generation, and comprehensive multi-layered security to support critical data center operations.

The U.S. Department of Commerce recognized the Kansas-Missouri region as one of 31 inaugural Tech Hubs in 2023, underscoring its role in the national technology landscape. The new KC2-7801 Nieman data center is strategically positioned to catalyze this growth, supporting key sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, finance, technology, and government. The new facility enables regional businesses to scale and adapt edge, retail colocation, and wholesale deployments, further enhancing the region's capacity for innovation and economic development.

About Netrality Data Centers

Netrality owns and operates strategic interconnected data centers and Meet Me Rooms, providing a mix of colocation, powered shell, and wholesale data center solutions driven by fiber-dense, network-rich interconnection environments. Today, Netrality's 18 properties span 3.3 million square feet and over 100 megawatts of capacity in six North American markets.

Well-capitalized with a long-term investment from Macquarie Asset Management (MAM), Netrality is the largest privately held owner-operator of core interconnection facilities in the United States. Netrality acquires strategically located, core network interconnection data centers that power latency-sensitive businesses, increase network resiliency, and ensure always-on access to mission-critical applications. For more information: www.netrality.com, LinkedIn, Twitter.

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